Door Hangers

All of us have seen advertisements that are left dangling on door handles; they are known as “door hangers”, the latest and innovative way to promote products and service. They are inexpensive and effective. They come up as the latest marketing tool for promoting small and local business. Most of the people are not aware of its benefits. Like billboards or advertisement in the local newspaper, door hangers can be targeted to a particular area. The best thing is that they result in a direct physical interaction with the potential customer even if they don’t find it useful at that point of time. Moreover, they need to be hanged manually, so it gives the marketing executive a chance for personally interacting with the potential customer. The hangers are simply unobtrusive, even placed directly in the way of customers, these short and simple advertisements are easy to dispose off so are inoffensive.  To get the best out of hander promotion you need to make the customers respond and for this you can come up with attractive schemes.  

Here are some tips:

  • Keep the message simple.
  • Use small catchy sentences like “Free Delivery”, “Dinner Tonight”, “50% off - Branded Apparels”.
  • Make it hard to resist offer.
  • Use a repetitive design that will help you reinforce the company’s branding.
  • Use bright colors & big fonts to catch the attention.
  • Don’t forget to use the backside of the door hanger. You can mention contact detail here.
  • Repeat the branding at the same place in each distribution cycle, so the customer will recognize it instantly.

Guwahati Printers offers you attractive Door Hangers in an array of design and cutout that your potential customers will find hard to ignore. Inexpensive, these hangers will attract customers like a magnet to your door.


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