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People step into S S Graphics with an idea or some raw data and walk out with a big smile on their faces. Reason: we develop their ideas into reality. Be it a Book, Brochure or a pamphlet, we help nurture our client’s ideas with the help of our expertise and help them arrive at a creation in consonance with their expectations.

For Guwahati Printer’s prepress team no task is big as it has successfully handled almost every kind of printing tasks be it then a Book, Magazine, Catalogue, Leaflets/ Flyers, Brochures, Calendars, Posters, Mailers, Journals/ News Letters, Wedding/ Invitation Cards, Post Cards, Carry Bags, Labels, Corporate Stationery, Diaries or Digital Banner, we make sure that our clients get the best in the most innovative and latest design.

Our dedicated team of designers is well qualified and experience in the processes and procedures for the creation of print layouts. Designers at S S Graphics are so skilled that they so adjust images and texts in print layouts to create high quality print files enabling top-notch quality printing.

Various prepress process viz. typesetting, copy-editing, markup, proofing, proofreading, imposition, screening and adjustment, high-quality print file and selection of paper are diligently handled and then the print file or the plate is sent finally for printing. Of course, all the changes during proofreading are applied with the consent of the clients.

Prepress Strength:

  • Capability to handle multiple Jobs at a time
  • Using up-to-date PC in IBM Platforms
  • Continuous upgradation of system
  • Fast adaptability to new technology
  • Outputting directly on Computer-to-Plate System
  • Online Data backup facility
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